Production Machining

Wagman Manufacturing is a diverse shop with expertise in any size order that comes in to us. From prototyping one peice for a project to filling orders of thousands for production. With organization and skilled planning, large orders are put through different phases of a process until completion. The process is done in the most cost and time efficient way possible to keep our customers satisfied. The realm of industries in which we produce parts for is endless. Wagman Manufacturing is experienced in production for Mining, Prosthetics, Electrical, Motorcycles and Automobiles, Furniture, Machinery, Medical and many more. We're always available to consult customers.


When your project is ready for a prototype, Wagman Manufacturing is well qualified in bringing your blueprint to life. Whether you need metals such as aluminum, steel, copper, etc. or plastics such as Delrin, ABS, or Ultem, etc.; we'll produce a quality piece on any of our different types of machines including CNC mills and lathes, automatic screw machines and more. Your part will be in spec and ready for studies and function testing. Many prototypes are made using 3D printers. These can not compare to a precision machined piece in quality or functionality. It also allows for bigger and more intricate results.

Quality Control

The quality of our work and satisfaction of our customers is where we aim to strive. Each order under goes a first piece, 100% inspection. Parts are then inspected during the process of production with plan that specifies the specs for each piece during each phase of production. A final 100% inspection is done at the completion of the order. This well documented process allows us to ensure only quality orders are presented to our customers. Wagman Manufacturing takes pride in the craftsmanship of our work. Not only are our work pieces checked for correctness, but our equipment is calibrated at scheduled intervals and certified with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Contact Information

Phone: (717)-266-5616
Address: P.O. Box 428, 215 Beshore School Rd. Manchester, PA 17345

Map of Wagman Manufacturing